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Fisher-price Trio Building Set - Dragon Battle Arena

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Trio Building Set


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The TRIO Dragon Battle Building Set from Fisher-Price gives more easy approaches for kids to develop their creativity with bricks, sticks and panels. Each and every knight includes accessory 1 and accessory 2. A Dragon can land and perch above the battle ring and 1 particular Dragon can wait inside the Dragon Den. This set consists of roughly 70 Trio pieces. The set includes various bricks, sticks and panels to develop a many different castle accessory structures along using the battle arena. This whole set may possibly be constructed to attach towards the Wizards Castle. The set consists of two uniquely decorated Dragons from the Wizards Castle and one particular new sculpted head, a Wizard's Knight plus a King's Knight. There is a fun trap floor to send allies to freedom and opponents towards the Dragon Den! The set features straightforward to attach parts that click and hold together for big creating play.


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