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Fisher-price Trio Dc Super Friends Vehicle Assortment

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Trio Dc Super Friends Vehicle Assortment


For anyone interested in buying a Trio block set I've put together very good info. Trio Dc Super Friends is really fun building set! The EAN barcode for this is 0027084898408. I in fact loved that it has the feature of the set features easy to attach parts that click together and hold for big building play. The Trio block set dimensions are 6" Height x 9.5" Length x 2" Width. Shopping for Trio Dc Super Friends . To get this product now at the best price, visit our store button.

The DC Super Friends Vehicle assortment includes the Batwing in addition to all the Joker-Bot. The Joker-Bot is the ultimate robot car for the Joker to romp around Gotham City and wreak mayhem. Includes a Trio Joker figure. 34 pieces total. The Batwing is styled after the classic Batman automobile and includes design element such as bat-wing shaped wings and tail fins as well because the Batman logo. The set could be rebuilt into 3 other vehicles: Batcopter, Hydrofoil and Snow Rocket. Includes a"pressure suit"Batman figure. Includes cool components like a giant hammer/barrel, acid blaster spray gun and jet packs. 60 pieces total. The Joker-Bot is styled like a mechanical walking robot with a cockpit area for the Joker to ride in.


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