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Fisher-price Trio King's Gatehouse

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Trio Kings Gatehouse
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Fisher Price

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027084760002 is the barcode for this Trio block set. Among the many key features for these building sets is the kids can build and rebuild the king's gatehouse so many ways!. Other highlights include build up to 4 castle adventures!. For the best offer on this Trio block set along with other products, check out our affilate button on this site.

Build a world of castle adventure! Collect them all and build a globe of fun! Fire the rolling cannon, launch boulders from the catapult, drop fire balls from the cauldron! All pieces in the TRIO Building System work together. Can enemy invaders battle past the defenses of the Kings Gatehouse 79 piece set includes two play figures that snap on to the bricks. Easyclick bricks, sticks and panels make it simple to construct and rebuild the Kings Gatehouse a great quantity of ways, with doublesided snapin picture panels that let kids choose and adjust their castle adventures.


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