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Fisher-price Trio King's Warship

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Trio Kings Warship
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Click and create with the Trio King's Warship a great product by Fisher-price. 027084892284 is the UPC barcode for this item. Among the list of features for this item is the trio helps build your child's creativity. Other highlights include things like uses bricks, sticks and panels, 100 piece building set and easy to assemble. It's dimensions are 3" Height x 14" Length x 10" Width. The warranty is no warranty. To learn more about this Trio block set, check out our partners via the add to cart button on this site.

The TRIO King's Warship with bricks, sticks and panels provides a lot more approaches for kids to build their creativity. The set includes different bricks, sticks and panels and specialty parts like curved hull panels, working cannon, treasure chest, sails, deck rails, 2 barrels and 2 King's knight figures. The boat is assembled entirely of bricks, sticks and panels. The set attributes easy to attach parts that click and hold together for big constructing play. The Warship brings the battle of good (King) and evil (Wizard) to sea!


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