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Fisher-price Trio Wizard's Castle Building Set With Bonus

Consumer Rating 5 Stars
Trio Wizards Castle Building Set


Package Quantity: 1

If you are in the market for a Trio block set We've come up with very good info. Trio Wizard's Castle , a great product by Fisher-price is a super fun building set. Brand new Trio Wizard's Castle .

The TRIO Wizard's Castle Building Set with Bonus from Fisher-Price capabilities bricks, sticks and panels provides much more easy methods for kids to create their creativity. Other features include: a operating front door, hidden jail, trap floors, cauldron defense, secret escape room, Wizard figure plus a TRIO dragon for added play. It attributes straightforward to attach parts that click and hold together for big constructing play. This TRU Exclusive also includes the King's Flying Lion also as a King's Knight for additional play. The action panels let kids to make their favorite scene by changing the card panel graphics.


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