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Fisher-price Trio Dc Super Friends Batcave (age: 4 - 7 Years)

age: 4 - 7 Years5 Star Rating
age 4 7 Years
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Fantastic construction with the age: 4 - 7 Years . In my opinion, you will like that the building kit includes this feature of the set also includes a batmobile (constructed with trio car chassis) and trio batman figure. The building kit has got a weight of 11 lbs. Shopping for a age: 4 - 7 Years . To find the best bargain on this building set together with other Trio block sets, click on the market add to shopping cart button on this page.

fisher-price trio super friends batcave easy

Publisher: Fisher-Price
UPC: 943289329021
Qty: 1

Easy to build, many ways-with two sides of play for twice the fun and adventure. Look for even far more Trio DC Super Friends figures and accessories and develop a world of Super fun. Open and close the Batcave door. Batman can drive the rolling Batmobile in and out. Flip the moveable stairs up and down for a quick escape or send Batman down the secret zip-line. Over 100 Trio easy-click bricks, sticks and panels, plus a Batman play figure, make building Batcave adventure a snap. Pieces are sized just right for kids to develop big, fast, easy and sturdy for play, with built-in action features and double-sided picture panels that let them choose and change the adventure.

Features List

  • To see more information click the "Watch it in Action" link below the main product images
  • The set also includes a Batmobile (constructed with TRIO car chassis) and TRIO Batman figure
  • The TRIO Batcave set makes building a "snap" for kids with easy-click bricks, sticks, and panels
  • Features a hidden door to the outside world, rock facade, ladders, zip-line and "technical" control panel
  • Quantity: 1
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Package Weight: 12 lbs.

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